Welcome to the website of the Mexico City Initiative connecting Mexico City with Los Angeles, Chicago and the Federal District.

Here you can find the exhaustive information on our organization and our activities aimed at helping immigrants from Mexico to get established in their new home within the shortest possible period of time.

Our main goal is to promote the business, cultural and social communication and connection between Mexico City and capitals abroad.

Every day we open our doors to migrants in order to make their stay in the United States safe, comfortable, productive and legal.

We provide migrants and their families with the access to the whole range of the specialized services and programs that are currently offered by the government and numerous community organizations.

We also help Mexicans to enforce their rights as citizens, regardless of their immigration status or national origin, every person has the right to be treated with respect.

You can also turn to us for help or professional consultations on the issues related to the investment and business links between the cities mentioned, as well as the cultural and tourist promotion of Mexico City as a destination of global interest.

Our team comprises experienced professionals that are closely familiar with all the difficulties and problems an emigrant may face and the easiest and the most effective solutions to them, so you can turn to us any time you feel that you need some help or emotional support.

We work hard daily for every Mexican arriving in the USA to feel a fully-fledged member of the local society and not to feel lonely, abandoned, excessive or empowered.

Keep in mind that in America there are so many Mexicans that you will never be alone.

Be sure to visit our office located in Los Angeles, Chicago or the Federal District at once after you cross the border, and we will make every effort for you and your dear and near to feel in the USA like at home. We are waiting for you.

Juan A. Ochoa and Elio VillaseƱor, the coordinators