Do you have a question regarding the services of Mexican City Pharmacy? Please check first the list of the below-mentioned questions-answers.

I am from the U.S. Can I buy drugs with you?

Yes, we do ship and make a delivery abroad. However, we are not fully aware of the timings when you can receive the package. All the terms after us shipping your order should be addressed to the delivery service selected by you or by default.

How can I be sure all the remedies are of high quality?

We have a dedicated team that monitors and strictly controls the safety and quality of remedies. In case, you hesitate about the quality after receiving a package, please do contact us and let us whether to solve the issue by reimbursing money or sending another package.

How can I pay for my order?

We proceed only with online payment methods. Visa, Master, PayPal. If you have another option, contact us to let us find the most convenient variant for you.

What are the timings of your work?

Our website works 24/7, and any person may leave an application for a purchase, or write a message to customer support even late at night.

Why should people turn to your services?

We have reliable and affordable drugs, continuous discounts and promotions, and we have a transparent system of refund or reimbursement for our clients. So, in case of any issues, our team will do its best to fix it within a short period, or offer a solution for your selection.

What to do if my package was damaged?

Contact our team as soon as possible. We will send a new one or reimburse the costs.

Can I return a remedy?

It will depend on the reason why you want to return it. For more details on such events please check in the refund terms. But, in general, we try to meet the requirements of each client. And, if you receive a wrong drug, we will solve this issue.

Can I get a drug without a prescription?

If a patient requires an OTC (or over-the-counter drug), it is distributed without any prescription. But, if speaking of the medication that according to doctors’ rules cannot be bought without presenting a special prescription, our pharmacy has strict rules. If you do not have one, the purchase will not proceed.

How old should I be to order medication?

Only people of full legal age have access to drugs. 21 and more.

What if I face side effects?

Such events usually happen when a person neglects to consult a doctor. In case of even the smallest adverse reactions, immediately turn to the help of dedicated experts.

Do you have Generics?

We distribute both generics and brand drugs.

What is the difference between generics and brands?

The main difference is the price. Generics are relatively cheaper. And, the proportion of ingredients may also differ. Other features are mostly the same.

I cannot find a drug I need on your website. Should I choose another pharmacy?

First off, you may contact our team and inform us of what medication you need. Then, we either find the opportunity to provide you with it or offer the analog. If no, please turn to other distributors.

Should Americans opt for buying your drugs?

Our drugs have lower prices. But, as far as the government regulations between two countries radically differ, some Mexican drugs may not require a prescription. And, if a person does not have it while passing the border, he may be stopped and fined. If choosing the online service, the price is low the same but then a person may face the taxes from the American side. Please, study this matter relying on your country rules. Or, let our experts find it out for you. Contact us now.

Will I receive spam if subscribing to your pharmacy updates?

We share only the most important information on promotions, discounts, and it does not often happen to not irritate our clients. But, if you do not want to receive any messages, please edit this option in your personal account.

How to order with you?

We have a dedicated page where the ordering procedure is simplified, and all a person has to do is only to indicate shipping address, payment options, and personal details.

Is my personal data secured?

We use the latest protective measures for our website, the encryption of data and anti-hacking programs. From our side, we guarantee that all your personal data indicated on our website is confidential and cannot be shared with third parties.