Our motto is taking decisions about our future together. We insist that you should play a major role in making decisions that are aimed at improving the quality of the life of our families in Mexico and the United States.

The objectives of the Mexico City Initiative are self-explanatory:

  • to establish a deeper relationship between citizens in Los Angeles, Chicago and Mexico City;
  • to promote trade and investment;
  • to boost business development;
  • to enhance tourism and cultural promotion.

The clear and precise understanding of the unique shared resources, strengths and qualities will benefit our communities and unite our people.

Specifically, at the Mexico City Initiative offices in Chicago and Los Angeles:

  • We guide migrants and bring them in contact with the Federal District Government and civil society organizations.
  • We promote binational public policies recognizing citizens as bearers of rights and as active subjects in the development of our communities.
  • We encourage and help migrants to take part in the social life in both countries.
  • We facilitate access to procedures, services and programs, so that migrants have an opportunity to take use of all the governmental and social services available.
  • We act as an intermediary to support commercial and cultural relations and to create strategic alliances of entrepreneurs, migrant leaders and public servants.
  • We promote Mexico City as a cutting-edge intercultural city.
  • We strive to strengthen the brotherhood between Los Angeles, Chicago and Mexico City within the framework of the network of intercultural and hospitable cities.