Since 2015, today’s executive team, and that time two friends Jose and John came up with an idea that almost all the segments of the population in Mexico except the high caste cannot afford to buy decent quality drugs. And many community pharmacies have been constantly overpricing the items. So, they decided to run an online company that would work only with proven suppliers and manufacturers, and only they will establish the choice of prices. As of now, Mexican City Pharmacy is one of the most convenient and trusted places that meet the requirements of all the groups of people.

Today’s team includes various specialists who work full-time and part-time with us. Regarding the part-time employees, they are our partners from around the world, who help us to enhance the services according to international rules. At the same time, we do not neglect the regulations of Mexico and its local governmental institutions. Our team has pharmacists with degrees from the major medical institutions of Latin America, IT experts who help us to organize webinars, and seminars dedicated to pharmaceutical care, security and safety officers who, in turn, monitor the quality of drugs. Moreover, we welcome other experts who belong to the healthcare industry. There are plenty of opportunities and most important a healthy environment.

Our motto is Share Awareness of Responsibility of Drugs Application. We do always insist that every single person should know inside out of drugs he wants to intake. We have experience in conducting seminars dedicated to the possible adverse effects after the application of medicine. And, believe us, our employees will never upsell the medication sacrificing your awareness of prescription.

The targets of the Mexican City Pharmacy:

  • to strengthen the relationship with regular and new clients and then to provide them with the best prices, offers, loyalty programs;
  • to promote awareness of drugs intake;
  • to boost the self-esteem of people who could treat their ailment with our remedies;
  • to enhance the affordability of medication on the Mexican pharmaceutical market.

Moreover, we offer graduates to join our team to promote the services and improve the health of the population together.

Since the first day of running our pharmacy, we have already filled over 350,000 prescriptions. We collaborated with around 200 partners and suppliers, and now we possess a golden mean of only reliable and time-proven people whom we can trust and guarantee you that there are only accredited, approved, and high-quality goods. If you hesitate about any aspect of our activities, we always encourage you to address an inquiry to our customer support team and let us solve the issues.

Exceeding the expectation, providing the best care, and enhancing the well-being of the population, Mexican City Pharmacy, your assistant in treating details.