As of now, about 25% of people on Earth suffer from helminths invasions. Thus, there is nothing surprising about the fact that antihelminthic drugs enjoy immense demand, especially in subtropical and tropical regions like Africa, North And South America, China, eastern Asian countries. And one of the most widely-used treatments for such infections is Stromectol. Below, we will provide the most essential information about this product.

What Is the Difference Between Generic Ivermectin vs Stromectol?

In practice, it is just the same medication. But Stromectol is a brand medicine, and Ivermectin is the name of its active ingredient. In many cases, the name Ivermectin is used for generic copies of the original medicine.

For a patient, there is no significant difference between the brand and generic versions. They are produced in identical dosage forms and provide identical therapeutic effects. The instructions on administration are identical as well.

Yet, generic Ivermectin is several times cheaper as its price does include any additional expenses, like research or patenting costs. It is manufactured using the formula created by the original producer. Hence, both patients and healthcare providers give preference to the generic alternative.

Key Use Cases

In most situations, this medication is used in the form of oral tablets. Then, the indications are the following:

  1. Ascariasis
  2. Trichuriasis
  3. Onchocerciasis
  4. Lymphatic filariasis
  5. Strongyloidiasis

For information, creams and lotions with this active substance are applied to treat rosacea, scabies, head lice.

Mechanism of Action

The action of this medication is targeted at killing parasites. To be more precise, it interferes with the work of their nerves and muscles, which causes their paralyzation and death.

Toxicity Risks

There are strong prejudices that all antiparasitic medicines have a toxic impact on a patient’s organism. But there is no evidence in support of this myth.

In real practice, Ivermectin has no toxic effects. Yes, one may notice certain toxic reactions during or after the treatment course, but they are caused by parasites only.

Potential Adverse Reactions

Again, not all the health problems mentioned below are related to the action of the drug, some of them are connected with the death of parasites mainly.

So, the most common negative symptoms include heat fever, skin itching, and skin rashes.

As for other potential risks, one must note headaches, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, indigestion issues, joint pains, swelling in the legs, discomfort in the eyes, like redness, itching, pains.

When you notice any of these reactions or any other health problems, you must turn for medical advice. But be ready that your doctor may insist that you should continue the therapy.

You should understand that helminths invasions are a serious danger to your health. In many cases, such infections have a heavy impact on the quality of patients’ life. Besides, in people with low immunity, they can cause fatal health problems. That is why, in most cases, doctors conclude that the potential effect of the drug overweighs side effects, especially if they are minor.

How to Get Maximum Effect Out Of This Medication

  1. Start using it only after receiving approval from your healthcare provider.
  2. Reading a leaflet included in the pack is a must.
  3. Regardless of the result of the therapy, do not change the dose prescribed and the duration of the course.
  4. Do not abandon the course unless you get permission from your doctor. In most cases, minor side effects are not considered a reason to stop treatment.
  5. There are three dosage forms available at pharmacies ― 3mg, 6mg, 12mg. Buy exactly the dose prescribed. Do not try to split tablets ― one cannot receive a precise dose in such a way.
  6. Your doctor will choose the dose and regimen for you depending on the infection type and disease burden, as well as your health, age, and weight. Be ready that you may need to take up to 5 tablets per day.
  7. In many cases, an infection can be fought with a single dose. But the courses may differ. Some of them can last up to 2 weeks.
  8. In the case of river blindness or onchocerciasis, one treatment course is not enough. One must go through a second one in 6–12 months to fully remove parasites from one’s organism.
  9. The most effective variant is to take this medicine on an empty stomach and avoid any meals for at least an hour afterward. That allows it to get fully absorbed. Also, one must drink a full glass of water together with these pills, which will also speed up their absorption.
  10. Another crucial point is to undergo all the examinations and tests recommended by your doctor. That will allow you to make sure that the infection is fully gone.
  11. If you notice any adverse changes in your state or side effects, be sure to inform your healthcare provider about them.

How to Avoid Risks and Side Effects

  • The main rule is to stick to the dose and course prescribed. Even if it seems to you that the effect is too weak or vice versa too heavy, you are forbidden to change the dose at your discretion. Instead, turn for medical advice.
  • Remember that exceeding the dose often leads to severe side effects.
  • In case you suspect that you have caught the same infection again, do not repeat the course unless it is recommended by your doctor.
  • Do not share your pills with anyone even if you are sure that this person suffers from the same infection.
  • Also, there are factors you must inform your doctor about when discussing the use of this medication:
  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding;
  • allergic reactions to any ingredients or substances, including drugs, herbals, foods, colorants, flavorings, preservatives, etc.;
  • using any other medications or herbal additives at the moment;
  • taking this drug or any other anthelmintic products before;
  • any chronic or acute health problems (pay special attention to liver diseases).
  • Again, this medicine can cause such reactions as dizziness, fatigue, sleepiness, muscle pains, tremors, and seizures. Consequently, it is safer to avoid any activities, which are potentially dangerous, after administering it (at least until you can check whether it causes such side effects in you). Namely, doctors recommend patients avoid driving, cycling, and working with dangerous mechanisms and tools.
  • Remember that alcohol can make the side effects of this medication much worse. So, refrain from alcoholic beverages for the period of treatment.
  • Another aspect many patients do not pay special attention to is storage rules. According to manufacturers, one must keep these tablets in a dark and dry place with a temperature below 30°C.
  • Besides, it is crucial to store it in the original packaging so that you do not mix it up with other medications.
  • Do not take the pills out of the blister beforehand. That will protect them from spoilage, which can lead to health problems.

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